Lemon Tree Goods accepts women's contemporary casual clothing, new and lightly worn footwear, and designer handbags.  Below you will find our consignment policies if you have additional questions don't be afraid to ask

Currently Accepting:

We accept seasonal, contemporary, pristine, designer and high-end clothing, footwear and handbags.

Currently we are accepting items for fall and winter. Best sellers are designer hanbags, as well as sweaters and tops; dresses, and gently use shoes (designer brands sell best).  We find that pants are not big sellers so we will be extra selective on those.  We love color: good fit; curren and trendy; great brands, and designers, all in pristine condition.  Designer handbags are always a big hit!


How to get ready

  • Gather your items by current season, should be no more than 3 years old
  • Inspect your items for holes, tears, pilling, stains and wear.  We are looking for pristine items.
  • Launder or Dry Clean all items you want to consign
  • Have all items likely to wrinkle on hangars.  When bringing in bagged items use a flat bottom bag.  Plastic and garbage bags will winkle even the most resistant.  Clothes that show well, sell well.
  • Set up an appointment by calling Lemon Tree Goods at (508) 655 - 2600.  Alternatively, current consignors who have an active account may use our 'Drop and Donate' policy.  Under this policy item groupings should be labled with the consignor name and phone number as well as the date dropped.  Items will be reviewed in the upcoming week, all items not accepted for consignment will be immediatly donated.

What to consign and when

  • Consign appropriate items by season, the earlier in the season the better your item sells.  The following gives you an idea of when be accept specific types of items. These dates are approximations if you are unsure, just give us a call or email a question.
    • Resort Wear:  Accepted January - June
    • Spring items Accepted Late February - May
    • Summer Items Accepted Late May - July
    • Autumn Items Accepted Late August - November
    • Winter Items Accepted Late November - January
    • For heavy winter coats, check with us, it really depends on the type of winter we are having