Do I need an appointment?

What if I show up without an appointment?

Should I bring my items in on hangers?

How long is a consignment period?

What happens to my items at the end of the consignment?

When do I receive payment for my consigned items?

We ask that first time consignors call for an appointment before bringing their items in.  This allows us to get to know you and to set up your account.  It also gives you valuable information about what we accept, making your future consignments easier for all.  For our existing consignors, we would appreciate if you could arrange an appointment if you have more than 12 items to consign or would like to take home the items we cannot accept for consignment. 

Well with your head!  Actually if we have the availability we will be happy to take a look.  You may however need to wait your turn.  We have a 'Drop and Donate' program for our current consignors.  This program allows a consignor to leave a few things with us to be consigned with the understanding that items not accepted will be donated.

For the most part it is preferable to bring clothing in on hangers.  (You can have the hangers back.) Presentation is a big part of selling your clothing, items that are clean, in excellent condition and wrinkle free sell best.  Jeans, heavy sweaters, scarves and like items can be neatly folded.  Please don't bring your items in garbage bags...your clothes are better than that!


A typical consignment period is 60 days.  Although that could vary depending on when during the season the item was consigned.  A special item that is consigned early in the season may need extra time to get a good viewing.  Something consigned late in the season may have a shorter consignment due to a change in season.

That is up to you.  At the end of your consignment period you may call to set up a retrieval  date and we will gather any items left for you to pick up.  Items that are not picked up become the property of LTG and may be donated.  

Generally payment is issued at the end of the consignment period.  We can mail it at the end of your consignment, or can drop by (just let us know so we can prepare) or balances can be used as store credit at any time.